Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ExecuMate: the power of 2. When I watched the Tony Awards Sunday night, I was impressed by all the musical numbers, excerpts from plays, costumes, sets, etc. But when I heard award recipients using words that were on my list, 'balancing my life', 'made my career possible', I stopped my multi-tasking and sat down to watch. Gregory JBara accepting for 'Billy Elliott', the Musical, actually brought his wife on stage, praising her for her part of the success, that she was in L.A. raising their sons so that he could focus on his work, demonstrating that she was part of the award; director Mathhew Warchus, "God of Carnage" lovingly recognized his spouse; and incredibly impressive was Oskar Eustis, acceptor of "Hair" award, addressed his wife as the person keeping calm and harmony in the home. As he emotionally caressed his wedding ring, he stated that equality matters now. Impressive to say the least! Balance of life and career...it IS noticeable!