Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going Home

As I returned to Missouri this past week, I had the opportunity to visit with friends of 20+ years. I am still amazed that conversations can be picked up left from a previous time, so easily. It is like opening that classic book with an earmarked page. The story is strong, legendary, and can stand alone. You love it just as much as when you pick it up again, continuing the read, as when you previously had to set it down. The time in between is soon forgotten.

As a spouse involved in a corporate move, we have opportunity to go back to visit where we once lived, even what was called 'home'. It is comforting to enter that past story, but soon it is time to put in the 'book mark' and leave.

Friends, places and memories are precious. My heart is warmed by the positive changes in my friend's lives. I am always assured there is a place earmarked for me when I return...and the story continues. Soon, the time comes to set that story down and return to the adventurous corporate journey. That journey is a time to learn and grow again. I admit it,...I love both places. I need both places.

If you are a spouse that is moving soon, put your fears aside and look forward to the opportunity ahead of you. Yes, you can always go back visit. Your comfort level will grow as you experience it more. You will soon find that you absolutely enjoy...both places!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fortune Magazine; July 16 issue

It was my great 'fortune' to be included in a by-line regarding the article, "The Best Advice I Ever Got". The Price for Advice...

So what is the price for advice? I mean, GOOD advice?! And then, what is good advice?

I believe that living through an experience, taking the walk and even taking notice of the road not taken, leads to a broader look of the journey. Finding someone who has been down that road, and is honest in telling you about it, leads to good advice.

Looking back, I am not so sure why I was that kid who listened to their elders. However, to this day, I seek out my friends who have gathered wisdom by experience when I am making decisions. As a matter of fact, I invited my 90 year old friend to lunch tomorrow (she was insistent upon driving her own car). She always gives me insight during our conversations. Extremely sharp and current in events, educated by years of experience, I respect and value her advice.

So what's the price of advice as you are looking for help in some decision making? Maybe it's the price of lunch, or perhaps in an email, it is free.

ExecuMate was born out of helping others. It is built on advice given from a veteran corporate spouse.

So, if you are looking for a speaker for your non-profit or faith group, the good news is, the advice (speaker) from ExecuMate is free. Yes, just as stated in Fortune Magazine. Have a very good day...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Boys & Girls Club of America

Imagine being 17 years old, living with 7 younger sibling, sharing a single bed with 2 of them, attending school, volunteering in the community because you want to make a difference, mentoring and parenting your siblings, grocery shopping and cooking for them, working a summer job to put food on the table, and then working at the local BGC while donating hours, too, because you want to 'give back'.

Resonating so clearly in my head was my company's line..."balancing life and work together". At the recent BGC Awards Dinner in Dallas, Tony Spears won the Regional Youth of the Year Award. Congratulations, Tony! And great job, finalists!

It was my privilege to be one of the 5 judges who heard 8 stunning stories that day from young men and women who all were their state's winner.

My goodness! I had to refect on myself in terms of balance. And that energy...and motivation!! It became perfectly was what they could offer up to put themselves in a better place. Being in a better place is what drives them. The direction and content came from the beautiful people at the local Boys Girls Club.

Thank you, all, for giving me refreshed perspective on motivation, energy, and balance of life and work! And say, if you need a refresher course, just visit your local BGC and you might just find yourself joining in!

Happy Birthday America!

When I think about Independence Day, I think about the variety of men who put their heads together in one purpose. Now, let's think of the women (their partners) who probably had some input, too. That could possibly double the power of numbers. The power of 2, the power of a team who signed the document, the powering up for a new country, new ideas.
Not only did these men align themselves with the idea, but they put themselves aside to form that team. Is that what your corporate team is doing? Are you building your company or are you building your career? Also, are you using your most valuable resource, your spouse for powering up yourself and your team?
Happy Birthday America! Let's grow in power of teamwork!!