Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving: What a Challenging Event!

Moving. For any of us who have moved from one location to another, whether domestic or international, we know it is exhausting...physically and emotionally.

Physically, the packing, the living like a vagabond during the interim session, then the unpacking. Let's just face it...exhausting, which even frays our nerves.

Emotionally, the, how many can a person take? Another exhaustion.

Ok, let's throw in a few more elements: a spouse with a new position, children, schools, and throw in those friends and family who you have left behind that are planning their vacations to your new home, and you haven't even found the dry cleaners or Urgent Care! You are just one step from screaming.

So what to do?

First, I suggest that you gently, yet firmly, inform your friends that you need real time to adjust to your new surroundings before ANYONE comes to visit. Yes, even though you are feeling rather lonely, time for the whole family to adjust and get into a routine is so necessary. 'Tour Guide' should be down the list quite a ways.
Second, take that time to settle in, rest when you can, but yet get your bearings, find the necessary places...the grocery store, the kid's school, etc. Center yourself each morning with positive thoughts and lots of deep breathing. Staying calm helps everyone, including yourself.

Ok, so enough for instruction, today. To my newly moved friends, time to focus on your family and yourself.

Right now, accept your new season. Drink it in. Give yourself time to adjust. But today's point is: give your family the attention needed, and know the separation from the past is really not so separated (when you consider emails and cell phones). Hey, you know that, but try giving yourself some space.