Monday, September 28, 2009

The Corporate Move the Executive, you are doing great in your job! You are maximizing assets and minimizing problems. You are a superstar! Now, for doing such a great job, you get rewarded by the company...

(dramatic music, please....)

The Corporate Move!

So, most of us have been there: offered, accepted or declined. Statistics show that 60% of corporate moves are being declined due to 'family issues'. Oh my. That could prove to be a list! (and funny, I've known couples that moved DUE to family issues!)

Regardless, it is real, it is difficult, and it has recently been brought to my attention to address it.

First we must ask, are you the person delivering the news or hearing it for the first time?

My point today is: regardless, be ready to sit down with paper and pen, make a list of the pros and cons, gets the facts, make the plan, and then make the ADULT decision. So what does that mean? Just as I said, 2 adults making the decision, not the children getting a vote.

Now why would I say that 'cold' statement? Because, in all my 21 years as an educator, and my continuing education as a parent, it is a matter of the couple making the decision, and then 'selling' the positives to the children (after research and being quite prepared) for their new adventure.

Let me ask you this question: Who is more adaptable? Adults or children? Children, of course.

So, when your time comes to either pitch the corporate move or hear it, know that it is truly a decision that is made considering your children (and I know there are special circumstances), but knowing the facts, and then moving forward as a team....

ExecuMate: The power of 2!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is the last of the small series of 'Believe, Achieve, Receive'.

In review, believe in yourself, achieve the path, and now...

Receive that you are in this journey for the long haul. This journey that is full of life experiences, full of rapid changes, full of bumps along the way, is here to stay. Just as in marriage when you say 'I do', it is all about the journey.

This is the ultimate gift you can give yourself: receive. Accept you are going to do your best and learn from your experiences.

Enjoy the journey!

Monday, September 14, 2009


This past week I had the fabulous experience of visiting Atlanta, GA, in the role of ExecuMate speaker and seminar leader. What great folks with true Southern hospitality! Thank you!

After addressing the 'Believe: physical, mental, spiritual' aspect, focus is then turned to the 'Achieve' aspect.

Through an exercise, ExecuMates learn how to identify or confirm their passions...those things that fill up that cup of happiness inside. So what is a passion?

As a child through college, I played classical piano. Even as a youngster, if my mother would settle me long enough to sit on a piano bench, then the rest was a breeze. It would be time that would literally fly away...

So, this is how I describe passion to those who are trying to identify it: Something in your life that you engage in that makes time fly. You enjoy it so much you cannot believe something else requires your attention as hours have passed.

After identifying your passion, make a plan for the vehicles that get you from point A to point B. It could be education, resourcing others, the internet, or just digging in that gets you to your passion. Discover how it will be useful.

Filling one's happiness cup is essential before spilling it over to the relationship. I like the analogy of being on the plane, and when the oxygen mask falls, you must put it on yourself before helping others.

Accountability is critical. The first sign of immaturity is blaming other for your unhappiness. YOU discover your passion; YOU make the plan; YOU carry it through.

Enjoy the new adventure, the new conversations, and the improved YOU!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Believe; the Spiritual Aspect

The past 2 posts addressed the physical and mental aspects of believing in yourself. We review that to have good self-esteem, some plan for exercising the body, eating right, and maintaining good health is essential. The second is to continue your learning, to expand your knowledge by keeping up with the news, current events plus finding that passion you can take ownership of and learning more about it.

The third component is the Spiritual Aspect. I am convinced that everyone needs to find that higher power that is bigger than themselves or their world. Praying and/or meditating every morning plants us firm on the ground and braces us for the up-coming events. That personal spiritual relationship can calm us and help us sort out who we are and how we are going to handle the day.

(If you do not have a spiritual aspect to your life, I propose you ask yourself this one question, after reading this statement: when something so great comes along in your life that you are grateful for, and there is no particular person, purpose, for it to happen to you...who do you thank? Who are you grateful to?)

Believe in yourself, find self-esteem, by those three tools:

So what are you working on?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Believe in Yourself; the Mental Aspect

How do we believe in ourselves, mentally? You might be thinking, what does that mean, Colette?
In trying to complete a rounded 'self':

1) Be Organized.
There is nothing quite like the feeling after cleaning out a closet, a desk, a room, a garage...the purge. When we purge, we are taking out the unused, the unwanted, the 'stuff' that we once thought was important, and organizing what is left to look, feel, and useable good.
My suggestion: do it in your physical life, and then do it in your mind. Life needs organization.
2) Expand your knowledge.
Find interest in what is going on in the world news; charities around you; school for your new interest; even a trip to the hardware store to learn how to expoxy your own garage floor (hey, I did it). Push your limits and boundaries outward.

In being an ExecuMate, it is more inviting for your Executive to come home to organization (they will notice). Plus, over that quality time you have set aside for the two of you, at each opportunity, you will have an interesting conversation that is much more than 'what happened with the children today' or 'what went wrong at our work today'.

Keep yourself interesting and perhaps you can draw your spouse into your world, your new passions. It will be refreshing, and the enthusiasm can become contagious!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Believe in Yourself; the physical aspect

I would like to address a small series of 'tools' to use in creating a happy Execumate, a happy Executive!

Today, we start with the word, 'believe'. Believe in yourself. So how do we do this?

1. Take responsibility of yourself? How??
2. Have you had a physical lately? Work towards being healthy, start at the base, being responsible for yourself.
3. Exercise. A must. Make a plan; take action. A great ExecuMate time is simply taking a brisk walk with your partner. It is quality time well spent, physically and mentally.

This is the first step. Believe in yourself by addressing your health!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Associated Press Article/Agenda Magazine

Heads up, everyone! The news of ExecuMate is spreading!

Many thanks to reporters, Jaime Stengle and Josh Martin, for seeing the value of ExecuMate. If you wish, you can Google "Colette Young ExecuMate" and read the articles.

Balance of life and to get to the top! I was golfing a couple of days ago while visiting with my brother. We were matched with 2 great guys. For those of you who do not golf, if there are 2 of you, often the pro shop places 2 more players. Although you do not know each other, it is a game of focus on the game, and side conversations are held off to the side, yet some fun conversation is held between the 4.

As we passed the 9th hole, the conversation came around to careers and everyone's daily life. When the guys asked about ExecuMate, they were firing questions wanting to know the answers, like ASAP!

I smiled knowing they were just loading their 'tool box' with the right equipment to handle their life jobs. They were starved for information.

Education is a great thing. If we prepare our children with all the 'tools' to handle difficult situations, why are we not do the same for ourselves.

I love this business. I am off to the super hardware store with my spouse!