Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wearing many hats...keeping all the balls in the air...
being professional person/spouse/parent/friend/home task person...
This list could go on and on and it is the same!

As ExecuMate, we are more than the person married to an executive. We have many roles to fulfill, and often it becomes overwhelming. Sometimes it is not just an emotional ride, but a physical one that leaves us exhausted and admittedly 'out of it' some days.

In a recent conversation with an ExecuMate, shoulders heaved a big sigh of their own struggles just before they broke into laughter after hearing my story.

I sometimes feel that I have made it to a level of success in this crazy subject of multi-tasking. That's when life takes on a big hand palm and sweeps me right down to the ground in defeat, making me realize that it is just a daily task...a weekly experience that either I win or lose...or often as I express to those around a game show of hitting the buzzer just before the game ends before proceeding to the next level.

It was a great morning, as I had planned. Every morning to me is a fresh and fabulous start. I had spoken with a reporter in Canada and all was well. Well, until I threw in that decision of doing a simple laundry task. Now I know that I am a person who needs to focus on home chores or working on my business, but....maybe not both.

Flipping on a faucett to hand wash out a couple of items in the laundry room, my cell phone rang. It was business which led me to my computer upstairs in my office, which then led me to check on an emails...yeah, you see where this is going...

Upon returning downstairs thinking life was on track, I was met by (let's see, what river shall I call it?), Sheer Panic! My feet didn't even know which direction to move as I think I went into all directions!

Ok, so the story doesn't end at just solving the problem, but unending calls in which I pleaded which most responded, 'but it has rained for 10 days here and all our people are out on calls'. Yes, someone did come, but all I could think of was...I will NEVER do this again.

Well, it was a non-damaging lesson to learn, but in one lesson, it made me put my self back on track of realizing, knowing, and embracing, that I am not the multi-tasking expert I thought I was.

Those who have heard my story (with more details) just start laughing. Why? Because they say that they have done similiar things, and recently, but told no one. Am I the only one who shares my shortfalls? I do know that I am sharing it for this reason...

This life is a journey, and the things we go through daily is school. No one has it all together every day, all the time. I know. And just when you think you have graduated to the next level, some humanizing experience just lets you know that you are just doing the best you can and it nevers feels like it is enough.

Multi-tasking? It is difficult. Find a bit of forgiveness for yourself if you come up short one day. Find a new route to take. Slow down a bit to regroup. Learn a lesson. I did.

Ok, friends, you can stop laughing now. :)