Friday, March 30, 2012

Balancing Life Emotionally: Cancel the Soap Opera!

As a guest, I was observing a fireside chat of women who were discussing the emotional roller coaster of life. Each had their own story of distress, and some shared how the downturn had changed the ride up. That was the best part, of course. However, one participant spoke to the point that she felt balance of life was boring and lacked emotional luster.

Well, it was all I could do to sit quietly and listen as this highly educated woman elaborated. Obviously, I disagree. She defined balance as that flatline of not feeling life.
In my own and others’ observations of life, calm is good. When bad drama does not enter my day, that is success. I do admit I know those who relish in daily drama and even create it when life is riding along smoothly. Truly, I don't think they even know they consciously do that, but simply, that is where their comfort zone lies.

Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that anyone swallow their emotions or not embrace the feelings of what is happening, good or bad. I'm just asking – do you have a drama queen in your life? Or do you create drama? Self-made drama is draining and stress-inducing – who needs that? Take a step back and ask yourself why – and then take action to reduce it. Maybe just being conscious of this issue will raise awareness for you. 

One great real world example is the best competitive athletes. They want to win and when they don't, they resolve their emotions with dignity and grace and more devotion to their sport.

So, as a competitive spirit in life, find your mentor, look for their example of balance, accept what happens in your life and find the positive. Address the tough game but be wise enough to recognize and enjoy a day of balanced peace.