Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shoot for the Moon - Bring Back a Few Stars

Big dreams, big hopes, big plans, big hair, big Texas (ok, I’m in Texas, small joke) . . . but big dreams can become reality. How do we balance those dreams with reality which will balance our lives and work?
  1. Plan realistically. This means research your passion and find a place in that dream that spells out y-o-u! If you have five children, you may not want to plan on a dream career that leads you away from home a lot – at least until the kids are out on their own! If your dream career is being a teacher and the schedules coordinate as your children are at school, then that is realistic. Here are a few ideas on how to find your dream career.
  2. Time frame has to be right. You are 30 years old and decide to be a professional athlete. That’s not much of a reality due to the timeline. But playing on a recreational team IS realistic at the age of 30. Get it?
  3. Look around and see how your dreams affect those around you. Can your dreams feed your family? Work within your financial means? You want to be a star? The “starving artist” or “starving musician” is not a great plan if you are the breadwinner. I know, I was a musician, and sometimes being a star is being a super talent in your profession.
  4. Make a plan and stick with it. If your plan is on target, then hang in there. Yes, it is a grind most times (for years) to be an “overnight success” in any industry.
  5. Be happy. That is, be happy in your choice. No buyer’s regret or looking back after you have dug in. Being happy is a choice.
Shooting for the moon is a great target, and if you do make it, congratulations! But if you happen to miss the target but bring back a few stars, well, that’s a great thing, too.