Friday, February 10, 2012

Balancing the Scale

Being physically fit has always been in my sights. Even as a child, I watched intently as Jack LaLanne would demonstrate his exercises and isometrics on the black and white TV. During my 20s, high impact aerobics were popular, and my family and friends were in that era, but in my 30s I noticed that it was tennis, then later golf. But in my busier work career, the routine had fallen off, as I was “busy” and “didn’t have time.” Yes, it can gradually take you down a road where the sight of stairs drives you to the elevator. So, my excuse in my 40s became a time issue… and rightly so as every moment seemed filled. However, could I have made that balance? And “HOW could I?” is really the question.

Devotion and commitment are two words that must be forefront. And IF I had disciplined myself to that 30 extra minutes three times per week, it could have made a difference in my mental game. Priority is another key word. So where does your priority lie?

I have noticed that big companies have fitness rooms, and nice ones, too, that offer employees the opportunity to get moving towards fitness. Or how about a lunch walk in which you take your sandwich on a walk with you? And a co-worker, too! Not only will you be moving and losing, but you will not be spending those extra dollars on an out-to-lunch date which can be costly over time. The military offers a few great tips for even working out at your desk!

I think we get it. It is a matter of MAKING time, early in the day, or lunch time, to find the commitment, devotion and priority to make it happen.

Jack LaLanne and his programs were broadcast in black and white. Come to think of it, the concept is black and white… just do it. Then colorful results will appear with a better you in the mirror.