Friday, February 17, 2012

Maintaining Work-Life Balance While Traveling

I am in my office at this moment catching up from traveling. I have found that it makes no difference if being gone is for work or fun. Returning to piles of work in my office is a drag. So I ask myself constantly, how can I make this balance better?

1. Phones with email access are a huge help. Who can live without a smartphone these days?!  I find that when I return home I can zip through the emails repeated on my computer in a delete frenzie if I have tended to them on my iPhone.

2. Take work with you. I try to take a bit of work in different areas, whether it be my business, my home bills or my ranch paperwork; and my iPad, which I can write a blog or two on if I need to be creative. I give myself choices so when I do get home, I am able to feel like I did something, even if it wasn’t as much as I had hoped. If you take too much with you, your briefcase will be very lonely on that trip sitting in the corner. Paul Davis, a writer who was able to work full-time for six months while road tripping his way through the United States, shares lots of good ideas for how to work while on the road on his blog, Vagabondish.

3. Don’t beat yourself up. I have done this so many times. It is a fact for everyone that you will be behind for a while, well, that is, unless you have an assistant! 

4. Reward yourself for catching up. Movie anyone? How about a nice long walk to de-stress and chat with a friend as you walk? Or how about planning your next trip? Now, that’s a reward!!