Monday, February 27, 2012

Recognizing the Seasons of Life

As winter is still upon us and we look forward to spring, I’m reflecting on the seasons of life. So which season are you presently in?

To recognize that season, please take note it is not determined by years of life, but how you have navigated through your life and how you have processed it. After recognition, one must determine what to do with that season, and if you are ready to move to the next, etc. 
An important part of recognizing your current season, I believe, is nailing down your priorities. Where are your priorities? Time? Money? Family? Friends? Fun? The answer lies within your own mind, of course, but to truly recognize them, look at your life. Where do you spend the majority of emphasis in time and energy? It is true that actions speak louder than words. So, if you don’t like where the pie chart is taking you on priorities, take time to change it . . . through actions.

And then, to seek that balance in priorities, are you changing because you WANT to, or is it because you or someone you love is hurt enough that you HAVE to. Regardless, free will has attitude, and producing a good attitude during the change will not only help you, but those around you, weather any storm.

As winter might be dragging a bit in your life and you are looking forward to a brighter spring-like day, find your priorities, recognize your season, and make your plan to change if you don’t like the current forecast.